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QS Preparing pools

Preparing Pools to Cluster

Pools must be imported on one of the nodes before they can be clustered. Check their status by selecting the Pools option on the side menu.

Shared-nothing clusters

For a shared-nothing cluster, the pools will need to have the same name and be individually imported on each node manually.

QS image Pools 1

In the above example pool1 and pool2 are exported, snpool is imported. To import pool1 first select it:

QS image Pools 2

The select Actions, followed by Import Pool:

QS image Pools 4

The status of the pool should now change to Imported and CLUSTERABLE:

QS image Pools 3

Unclusterable Pools

Should any issues be encountered when importing the pool it will be marked as UNCLUSTERABLE. Check the RestAPI log (/opt/HAC/RSF-1/log/rest-operations.log) for details on why the import failed. With a shared-nothingcluster, this may happen if the pools aren't imported on both nodes.

The pool is now ready for clustering.