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COMSTAR Initiator

Configuring COMSTAR as an iSCSI initiator for Solaris, OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Illumos etc.

This walkthrough describes how to attach to an iSCSI target using COMSTAR as the iSCSI initiator.

  1. Install iSCSI initiator package:

    pkg install iscsi/initiator

  2. Connect to your iSCSI target. In this example we are using the IQN and TPG network address/port created in the COMSTAR iSCSI target workthrough:

    iscsiadm add static-config,

  3. Enable persistent connection to your target through restarts (if so desired):

    iscsiadm modify discovery --static enable

  4. Use the systems format command to check the disk has been added (COMSTAR iSCSI disks are labeled SUN-COMSTAR):

    # format
    Searching for disks...done
           0. c0t600144F0CC39DD7300006151CBDA0001d0 <SUN-COMSTAR-1.0 cyl 1022 alt 2 hd 64 sec 32>
           1. c1d0 <QEMU HARDDISK=QM00001-QM00001-0001-32.00GB>
    Specify disk (enter its number): **<CTRL-D>**
    The iSCSI drive is now ready for use.