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ZFS Clustering Software | HA Cluster Documentation

Introduction Ltd Ltd

RSF-1 is a trusted commercial Unix failover technology that provides enhanced enterprise-grade service availability:

  • Ease of Implementation: Configure in minutes using the simple graphical user interface or integrate with your existing management frameworks to build up, administer and tear down clusters via our GUI, CLI or REST API.

  • Multiple O/S Support: Supported on Solaris, illumos, Linux, BSD, FreeBSD, or one of their many variants.

  • ZFS support: RSF-1 for ZFS is a fully featured software-only middleware product that turns your Solaris, illumos, FreeBSD or Linux storage servers into highly available ZFS NAS cluster appliances, which can be installed and ready for enterprise use within minutes.

  • Active – Active Configuration: Utilise the full extent of your hardware investment by configuring services that can run on all nodes in the cluster, in any combination.

  • Secure Data Fencing: Eliminate the possibility of data corruption using our enterprise proven data fencing techniques.

  • Upgrade without Downtime: Use the feature rich GUI, CLI or RestAPI to manually move services around the cluster freeing up servers that can then be safely upgraded

  • User Customisation: Include your own startup and shutdown processes within the RSF-1 framework.

  • Integration Support: Supported by our HA Professional Services Team.

  • Stateful heartbeats: Information about the entire cluster is transmitted in every heartbeat so intelligent decisions can be made regarding when and which pools should be moved to other nodes in the cluster.