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This document describes the RSF-1 external resource availability monitor (referred to in this document as “the monitor”), a software extension for RSF-1 clusters that monitors the end-point availability of clustered HA resources (NFS, SMB, etc) from the perspective of a consumer of those services on the network.

The monitor runs in a docker container on a host machine located anywhere on the network where monitoring the availability of cluster services is desired. Note that this host must have network access to the cluster resources being monitored as the docker container internally mounts any monitored NFS or SMB shares through the network stack of the docker host.

Once the desired resources have been configured, they are continually monitored for availability. Should availability be lost (or gained in the case where they were lost) then the monitor can send a number of differing types of alerts depending upon what has been configured (alert types include SNMP, Email, Slack, Teams, etc).

Pictorially this can be viewed as:

HA monitor overview