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REST API Configuration Documentation | High Availability

REST API Documentation

The REST API documentation is built into the REST server and can be viewed by directing a web browser to any cluster node using the following address (where <hostname> is one of the cluster nodes):


The resultant page will provide a top level heirarchy of the available REST API calls, grouped by functionality. You can also use this page to interact with your cluster. Once initially connected you will be presented with a page similar to the following:

API image 4

Before any operations can be performed it is necessary to login to the REST API. Expand the Authentication group and then select the login operation and fill in the username and password (note, clicking on the Example Value box will populate the Parameters box with the JSON template):

API image 2

The username and password values are the same as used when logging into the main RSF-1 GUI. On successful login the server will send back a confirmation page:

API image 3

The browser is now authenticated with the REST API and is free to interact with the cluster using the available REST operations as presented in the main page. For example, running the cluster get operation (using the Try it out! button) results in output similar to:

API image 5