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TN Features


  • ZFS pools created on the shared storage can be failed over between cluster nodes - these are referred to as shared pools.
  • RSF-1 is an Active-Active cluster. This means a pool can be active on, and failover to, any node in the cluster.
  • Multiple pools can be clustered with no interdependencies; meaning you could have two pools on one node and three on another and then fail over all pools from the first to the second, or just one from the second to the first etc.
  • A shared pool can only be imported on any one cluster node at a time. RSF-1 uses disk reservations to enforce this rule to protect data.
  • Any services configured to use a shared pool (such as NFS/SMB) are accessible on the node the pool is imported on.
  • Multiple heartbeats over network and disk (no dedicated heartbeat drive required - integrates with existing ZFS drives with no reconfiguration required)