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QS Clustering a pool - HAC documentation hub

QS Clustering a pool

Clustering a Pool

Highlight the desired pool to be clustered (choose only pools marked CLUSTERABLE ), then select Actions followed by Cluster this pool:

QS image 10

Fill out the description and select the preferred node for the service:

What is a preferred node

When a service is started, RSF-1 will initially attempt to run it on it's preferred node. Should that node be unavailable (node is down, service is in manual etc) then the service will be started on the next available node.

QS image 11

With a shared-nothing pool the GUID's for each pool will be shown:

QS image 25

To add a virtual hostname to the service click Add in the Virtual Hostname panel. Enter the IP address, and optionally a hostname, in the popup. For nodes with multiple network interfaces, use the drop down lists to select which interface the virtual hostname should be assigned to. Click the next button to continue:

QS image 12

Finally, click the Create button:

QS image 13

The pool will now show as CLUSTERED:

QS image 14