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QS Cluster heartbeats - HAC documentation hub

QS Cluster heartbeats

Cluster Heartbeats

To view cluster heartbeat information select the Heartbeats option on the left side-menu:

QS image 20

To add an additional network heartbeat to the cluster, select Add Network Heartbeat Pair. In this example an additional connection exists between the two nodes with the hostnames mgub01-priv and mgub02-priv respectively. These hostnames are then used when configuring the additional heartbeat:

QS image 21

Click Submit to add the heartbeat. The new heartbeat will now be displayed on the Heartbeats status page:

QS image 22

This completes basic cluster configuration.

  1. RSF-1 uses broadcast packets to detect cluster nodes on the local network. Broadcast packets are usually blocked from traversing other networks and therefore cluster node discovery is usually limited to the local network only.