Our Solutions

The ease of implementation and simplicity of management belies the feature-rich functionality RSF-1 provides for a wide variety of use cases; whether it's bringing high-availability to storage appliances, databases, web-servers, or other application services, it is the same RSF-1 engine 'under the covers'.

Working with us at High-Availability, you can be reassured that you will have access to world-class technical expertise honed in commercial production environments and designed to support you from initial product evaluation through to production deployment and beyond, to create high-availability for your critical service or application

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User Customisation

Protect your critical business application, database server, webserver, etc., using our enterprise grade cluster software by including your own startup and shutdown processes withing the RSF-1 framework.

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Integration Support

Utilise the expertise of our HA Professional Services Team to help you get the best from your RSF-1 integration. Please ask us if you are at all unsure.

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Multiple O/S Support

RSF-1 provides the same resilient functionality irrespective of your choice of operating system. So whether you prefer Solaris, Linux, BSD or one of their many variants there is a download for you. Don't see what you need? Then get in touch!

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