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This page provides information about the current state of volumes and heartbeats in the cluster. The volume status page also provides a popup menu to control volume services in the cluster.

Cluster status tab

This tab gives you a live view of the current stats of volume services in the cluster.

The following example shows two volume services, vol02 and vol03; note that vol02 has an additional pool associated with it that fails over with vol02 – there is no limit to the number of additional pools a volume service can have:

Volumes tab on status page


The colums of the display provide the following information:

  • Volume service
    The volume name itself and any additional pools (which are prefixed by the + sign).
  • Volume state
    The state on this appliance of the service, a state of Available means the volume is imported on that appliance (along with any virtual IP’s, iSCSI LUN’s etc).
  • Failover mode
    Determines what happens when a volume service is available but not currently running on any node. In manual mode a volume service will not start on that appliance – if a service is currently running on an appliance, setting to manual mode will not affect the running service.
  • Current state since
    This is the time of the last change of the volume service, so when a volume service is available on an appliance, the state since value is interpreted as when that volume service started on that appliance.
  • Net interfaces
    Line 1

Heartbeat status tab


Heartbeats tab on status page


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