Professional Services

High-Availability provide a wide range of professional services covering all stages in the life cycle of your cluster environment.

Cluster – Proof of Concept

Try RSF-1 in your datacentre for 30 days, installed professionally by our own clustering services team, including design and pre-sales consultation for an introductory price which will be reimbursed upon subsequent purchase of the product.


Although normally quoted as part of the overall price of the product, our installation service can be purchased separately for customers who have purchased the product without installation or who wish to move their existing cluster to a new set of hardware.

This is normally a call out service, but for those customers who have a simple configuration and have the capability for a network install, it is sometimes possible to install remotely at a reduced cost.

System Audit and Healthcheck

It is always sensible to ensure your cluster is running optimally both in terms of including the latest RSF-1 software updates or indeed underlying system components. Our professional services staff would be pleased to review your cluster configuration and environment and make recommendations for subsequent maintenance action. For a brief outline of this service please read the Cluster Audit and Cluster Audit Example documents.

System Upgrade

It is important and a requirement of our maintenance contract that you keep your RSF-1 cluster software up to date. Updates can be done by your own IT staff, but should you prefer it this activity can be done by engaging with our professional services team who can be scheduled to coincide with your maintenance periods whatever the time of day.

General Unix Consultancy

If your technical needs go wider than the cluster environment, our professional services team have wide Unix expertise and experience and will be able to help.