Asgent is a (Japanese) Developer and Distributor of pioneering Network Security solutions for enterprise and medium sized organizations. With an eye on the future and a reseller base of over 100 Systems Integrators, Asgent commands an impressive reputation for creating markets for new products and for making overseas and domestic network security products best sellers in Japan.

KOI tech (Korean Information Technology Company) was founded in 1996 as an IT service provider providing clients with most appropriate solutions to support their business initiatives and increase their competitiveness through consulting, development, integration and management.

Since its founding in June 2000, Red Flag Software is growing rapidly and firmly to be the largest Linux company in China with more than 150 employees. Headquartered in Beijing, there are two subsidiaries in Guangzhou and Shanghai, and well-established sales channels and service networks are deployed nationwide.

Samboo is a storage and system reseller based in Korea

Storarray is a storage reseller and systems integrated based in Austrailia, Malaysia, Singapore and China

Based in Hong Kong and mainland China, Western Micro is the regional distributor of High-Availability.Com Limited products.