Software Compatibility

We work with a variety of application providers and independent software vendors to ensure, not only that their products work in a clustered environment, but also to add value to the overall solution whereby you can be assured that choosing RSF-1 is the preferred option.


Through careful selection of our resller partners we bring together the powerful combination of High-Availability.Com the “Cluster Specialists” and those organisations that can provide the rest of your solution and delivery capability. Whether it is architecting your design, identifying the most suitable hardware server and storage products for your needs, implementing and supporting your disaster recovery solution or providing an ongoing managed service, you can be sure that you have selected the right team.


Working with recognised distributors, we ensure that RSF-1 is available worldwide with the full back up of their local staff to help you deploy and support your business critical systems.


RSF-1 is available on a wide variety of platforms including: Intel 32bit, Sun SPARC, PA RISC, Opteron, and supports a wide variety of operating systems including: Solaris, HP-UX, Red Hat 7, Red Hat 8, Red Hat 9, Red HAt EL3, Red Hat EL4, Fedora Core 4, SuSE 9, RedFlag 4.

RSF-1 has a number of standard monitoring agents that support a wide variety of common databases and applications. Please ask for details.

Interested in becoming a partner?

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