NexentaStor 4.0 HA Plugin Release Notes

NexentaStor 4.0 HA Plugin Release note

The following enhancements have been made to the RSF-1 HA Plugin package for NexentaStor 4.0

Fixed stmfha core dump bug

There was a bug that caused stmfha to core dump. This happened after it had finished the functional part of the program, so didn’t affect anything.

Fix bug with disk HB suspend

Bug where old HBs were cached

MHDC problem disk detection

Some disks have been found to behave incorrectly when reserved in a multipathed system (return ‘reservation conflict’ when given a TUR command. MHDC has been updated to test for this and not set failfast on those disks (avoid kernel panic)

MHDC blacklist

To further avoid the problem described above, a blacklist mechanism has been implemented, which means failfast is never set on blacklisted disk types.

MHDC improved logging !

Option to disable fping test

Before starting a service, RSF-1 uses the fping binary to check if the floating VIP is available elsewhere on the network. If it is, then the service moves to ‘broken_unsafe’ rather than starting.

This change gives the option to disable this functionality through a database update.

Updated fping

Now includes IPV6 support

‘Stretch cluster’ extensions

RSF-1 now has extra functionality for clusters where the nodes are separated geographically. This extra functionality allows for external relays to be used to give extra intelligence to network heartbeats. This can be enabled with an extended license.

config_dist retry

config_dist will now retry once if it gets a connection refused

Log when client calls are blocked

rsfmon blocks any client requests (rsfcli, etc.) if the limit of 50 per poll period is reached. It now adds a message to the log file when this happens.

rsfmon call handler updated to allow for faster call rates

Monitor expressions:

  • START_MONITOR expressions added
    MACHINE names can now be included in monitor expressions !

Added the following utilities:

  • vhci_stat
  • MPxIO status program from Pascal Gienger •
  • ZFS ARC status program from Richard Elling • zilstat.ksh
  • ZFS ZIL status program from Richard Elling • cpool
  • Wrapper around mhdc to reserve/release/interrogate all disks in a service