RSF-1 is a High Availability (HA) Cluster Failover tool set for Unix systems that ensures application and services remain available in the event of system failure.

RSF-1‘s strength is in its “does exactly what is says on the tin” functionality which provides a very simple, but powerful, configuration and management framework that allows customers to deploy High-Availability solutions in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks and with a minimum of fuss.

With optional monitoring agents for many popular databases, middleware and end-user software, RSF-1 is able to switch critical applications from servers with network, hardware, OS, or application failures to alternative servers in the cluster to minimise downtime. Incorporating feature-rich command-line and GUI interfaces, RSF-1 allows manual and automated fail over of up to 200 critical applications and services within a 2 to 64 node cluster.

RSF-1 is available on a wide variety of open platforms including: Solaris, OpenSolaris, OpenIndiana, Illumos, Linux, FreeBSD and OSX.

RSF-1 comes with a comprehensive set of global support options from simple “e-mail by return” response to enterprise class 24×7 Platinum Services.

RSF-1 released in 1995 was the first commercially available HA product on Sun / Solaris and Linux and has been deployed in many thousands of critical systems worldwide.