HA Applications

High-Availability provide a range of application cluster and failover agents to facilitate the monitoring and failover of a wide variety of system components, infrastructure and applications. The RSF-1 application monitoring agent framework allows for applications health to be constantly monitored and in the event of an alarm, can attempt to restart the application locally or failover the service to another server as required.


Application Agents

          RSF-1 has application monitoring and failover agents for many popular applications, including: Apache httpd, Checkpoint Firewall-1, sendmail/pop3/imap, Netscape, Samba/CIFS, NFS, LDAP, Radius, Entrust, Remedy, ABM, SITS, SX3, Oracle Financials, SAP, Swift, Kodor+, WebCT, Academy and many others including a generic application framework to allow for the monitoring and failover of just about any application or service.

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