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When exporting pool fails --> Check 'canmount=on' is set

To troubleshoot a Export pool failure during an Auto or Manual RSF Failover in NexentaStor v3.0.4 implementation.

1) Get to the rsfcli status by this command, verify the state

# /opt/HAC/RSF-1/bin/rsfcli -i0 status

2) Now to verify  if the mount is working fine or not and verify other peripheral settings, fire this command from bash (this example uses the pool vol01):

# zfs get canmount pool-name
vol01  canmount  on        default

Look at the setting and verify canmount is set to on, this is default settings used by zfs to verify a pool can be mounted. If it's off then the mount will fail and the cluster will mark the service as broken. You should then set the canmount property to on using the command:

# zfs set canmount=on pool-name

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Last update: 2011-02-17 16:48
Author: Aby Bhandari
Revision: 1.1

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