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Creating a VLAN for clustering.

For a cluster a vlan interface is treated the same way as a normal interface, the only extra step required is to create the VLAN device without assigning an IP address to it.

In NMV navigate to the Network summary page and select Add VLAN against the interface you want to, it should look similar to the following:

The next screen prompts you for the VLAN id:

Once the VLAN id is entered you will be prompted to assign an IP address:

Ignore this screen and click summary on the network sub menu. You should now have a configured VLAN with no ip address assigned:

This newly created interface (iprb999000) will now be available for use in the cluster. Note that the newly created (but unconfigured) VLAN interface is persistent across reboots of the appliance.

And what does this really do?

In fact what really is being done here is to create the VLAN pseudo device using the dladm command:

dladm create-vlan -f -l iprb0 -v 999

The formular used to work out the device naming is:

driver-name + VID * 1000 + device-instance

So for this example, you would create the following PPA for the iprb0 interface to be configured as part of VLAN 999:

iprb + 999 * 1000 + 0 = iprb999000

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