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How do I associate more than one ZFS pool with a service

To add aditional ZFS volumes to a NexentaStor volume service extra options are added to the RSF-1 configuration file  located at:


For each additional volume to be imported/exported with a volume service, first locate the volume service in the configuration file and then add the list SETENV ADDITIONAL_ZPOOL_n "volume" where n is a number starting from 1 and volume is the additional volume to import/export.

The scanning for additional volume entries always starts at 1 and runs sequentially, therefore if there are two additional volume entries, and the first one is removed, then the one with the suffix of 2 muct be renamed with a suffix of 1.

For example, to add two more additional volumes to a volume service known as liveData the configuration file should look like:

SERVICE liveData vip01 "NexentaStor liveData ZFS service"
 OPTION "sdir=appliance ip_up_after=1 ip_down_before=1 zfs_export_fail_reboot=y zfs_mhdc_disable=n"
 MOUNT_POINT "/volumes/vol01"
 SERVER nextest1
  IPDEVICE "e1000g0"
 SERVER nextest2
  IPDEVICE "bge0"

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Last update: 2010-03-11 15:22
Author: Paul Griffiths
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