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Using the NMV HA cluster plug-in

To view the status of the NetentaStor HA cluster via NMV, navigate from the main page to Status->HA cluster. You will then be presented with an cluster overview pane similar to the one shown below.

rsf-cluster status window

The status pane is divided into two distinct parts, the upper part detailing status of appliance volumes (including availability, location and operations available), and the lower part providing live heartbeat information between nodes in the cluster.

Appliance volume information

  • Volume Service
  • Details the names of the ZFS pools configured in the cluster. In the above example this is vol01 and vol02.

  • Current Volume State
  • Details the state of the volume on this particular appliance. A state of Pool available means that the pool is online on this cluster node and available to clients. Pool stopped indicates the pool is not running on the cluster node

    The cluster state is also colour coded to indicate health as follows:

    Green indicates all ok; in the above example, vol01 is stopped/green on appliance nextest1 as the switchover mode is automatic

    Amber indicates attention required; in the above example vol02 is stopped/amber on nextest2 as switchover is set to manual.

    Red indicates a failure where immediate attention is required. Typically this will be because the pool failed to import or export properly. To diagnore the problem use the corresponding view button on the table row.

  • Switchover Mode
  • Indicates either manual or automatic switchover mode. Normally a volume service should be in automatic mode on both nodes indicating that should fail over occur, then no user intervention will be required. Manual mode is used when automatic fail over is not desired, say for instance when maintenence is being performed.

  • Action
  • A drop down list showing the actions available on this volume service. Possible actions are toggling the state of the switchover mode (Stopped, Manual & Automatic) and setting a service repaired after volume import/export failure.

    Please Note: it is vitally important that the cause of any failure, that results in a pool being marked as Pool Import failure or Pool Export failure, is diagnosed and fully rectified, before selecting the action Mark repaired (i.e. the action of Marked repaired does not rectify the storage issue but merely indicates to HA Cluster that it is OK to proceed to work with this storage pool again).

  • Virtual Hostname
  • The virtual hostname by which the service is accessed by clients.

  • Network Interface
  • The network interface on which the virtual hostname is configured on. The interface is coloured green when its state is healthy and red when attention is required (for example a cable unplugged or no link indicator). Service fail over is disabled to an interface which is marked as attention required.

  • Last State Change
  • The date of the last state change for a volume service.

  • Logs
  • Click on the view button to see logs for this specific service.This action brings up a viewer window similar to the one below. To submit the logs for a support request fill in the Company, Email and Description fields then click the Send Logs button (you first need to ensure that the SMTP mail server is configured correctly in NMV).

    rsf-cluster status window

Appliance Heartbeat Information

  • From
  • Indicates the source of the incoming heartbeat.

  • Type
  • The type of heartbeat this is. Can be one of Net, Disc or Serial.

  • Sent To
  • Indicates the underlying device path of the heartbeat. For disc devices this will be the device name followed by the read and write offsets of the incoming heartbeat. For network heartbeats this will be the node name or IP address send to. For serial heartbeats this will be the device being read from.

  • State
  • The state of the heartbeat, which will either be Up or Down.

  • Updated
  • The last time this heartbeat was seen from the remote node. Note that all heartbeats have to fail before the remote node is considered down.

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