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Special syntax when the machine name / vip starts with a number

In the special case where the machine name starts with a number or contains special characters, a special syntax is required when using the rsfcdb command or writing the config file.
If 0-node1 and 0-node2 are our machine names, when using the rsfcdb to build the database, the machine name should be preceded by the percent symbol, i.e. %0-node1

Example code: To establish a network heartbeat between the two nodes we shoud use:
rsfcdb ha_net %0-node1#0-node2 0-node2#0-node1

On the other hand, when the vip starts with a number or contains special characters, we should use double quotes. For example, if the vip name we would like to use for the pool zpool1 is 0-testvip1, we should use double quotes each time we use the vip name.

Example code: Add a description for the service zpool1 which uses 0-testvip1 as vip name:
rsfcdb sa_desc zpool1#"0-testvip1" "RSF-1 zpool1 ZFS service"

Sample snippet of a functional RSF-1configuration file:

# Machines section
MACHINE %0-node1
NET %0-node2
DISC %0-node2 /dev/rdsk/c15t2d0s0:512:518
SERVICE tank1 "0-viptest1" "RSF-1 tank1 ZFS service"

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Last update: 2014-12-03 15:33
Author: Luis Tortajada
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