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Upgrade RSF-1 from 3.9.1 to the latest version

Following this simple procedure you can upgrade RSF-1 in a cluster from an older version (3.9.1 in this example) to the latest one (as of today, 3.9.8):

1. We are going to upgrade node 1 first, so we need to move all the services running on this node to node 2, and set them in manual mode on node 1.
2. Upgrade RSF-1 on node 1.
3. After upgrading node 1, due to the new heartbeat mechanism present in the latest version of RSF-1, on node 2 some heartbeats can be incorrectly reported as down when rsfcli command is issued:
      Running rsfcli on 3.9.1:
           8 heartbeats configured, 4 up, 4 down
      But the heartbeats are working properly. Using the rsfcliv2 command on the same node:
           8 heartbeats configured, 8 up, 0 down
4. In this case, rsfcliv2 should be used (if available) to move the services back to node 1 after the upgrade:
      rsfcliv2 -i=0 move <service> <node1>
5. Once we have moved all the services from node 2 to node 1, we should set them in manual mode on node 2.
6. Upgrade node 2.
7. Restore the initial modes of the services on both nodes.

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Last update: 2014-10-03 12:02
Author: Luis Tortajada
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