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Does RSF-1 support one node cluster configurations?

Yes it does.

Here is an example of the RSF-1 configuration file for a one node cluster, where the pool name is tank1, the VIP floating address is, and the network interface is e1000g0:

# Created Wed 2014-10-08 15:31:48 BST by RSF-1 config_db
# This file is automatically generated by rsfcdb - DO NOT EDIT BY HAND
# [SINGLE NODE CONFIGURATION] - some properties will be disabled.
# [Global Section]
#  Global settings affecting the whole cluster.
CLUSTER_NAME My-Single_Cluster
#DISC_HB_BACKOFF 20,3,3600
EVENT_NOTIFY "/opt/HAC/RSF-1/bin/event_notifier"

# [Machine Section]
#  Specifies the machines in the cluster and the heartbeats between them.
#  Note! Heartbeats are disabled in single-node cluster mode.
MACHINE node-a

# [Services Section]
#  Specifies the services in the cluster, the nodes they can
#  run on and the IP addresses used to access those services.
SERVICE service1 "Single Node Service"
 OPTION "sdir=appliance"
 MOUNT_POINT "/volumes/tank1"
 SERVER node-a
  IPDEVICE "e1000g0"

Using rsfcdb to generate a single node configuration

In order to generate a single node cluster configuration file using rsfcdbset the single node property prop_single_node_cluster to true using the following command:

rsfcdb update prop_single_node_cluster true

Next view the configuration file to show the resulting single node cluster configuration using the command:

rsfcdb config_preview

Please note the following points when generating a single node cluster using rsfcdb:

  • Any global section values that are not required for a single node cluster are commented out of the resulting configuration.
    • Only CLUSTER_NAME, EVENT_NOTIFY and REALTIIME are valid for single node cluster.
  • The heartbeat section is replaced by the machine name added via the ga_name sub-command of rsfcdb.
  • Each service has also been limited to displaying one SERVER section where the SERVER parameter matches the machine name.

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