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How do I run RSF-1 with realtime scheduling priority inside a Solaris 10 Zone?

By default, Solaris 10 zones run without the proc_priocntl privilege which is a pre-requisite for running RSF-1 inside a zone in real-time scheduling mode. To see which system privileges a zone has been granted, run the command ppriv –lv zone inside the corresponding zone and look for the following entry:


        Allows a process to elevate its priority above its current level.

        Allows a process to change its scheduling class to any scheduling class,

        including the RT class.

If the proc_priocntl entry above does not appear, the corresponding privilege has not been granted inside the zone. To grant the proc_priocntl privilege to a zone (and thus allow RSF-1 to run in real time mode), add it from the global zone with the zonecfg command:

[zippy:/]# zonecfg -z testzone

zonecfg:testzone> set limitpriv=default,proc_priocntl

zonecfg:testzone> verify

zonecfg:testzone> commit

zonecfg:testzone> exit

The next time the zone is booted, the proc_priocntl privilege will have been granted thereby allowing RSF-1 to run inside the zone with real-time scheduling priority (provided REALTIME n has been defined in the RSF-1 configuration file).

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