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Advanced Operations

The Advanced Operations menu has a number of features accessed via a set of tabbed panels. The functionality of each of these panels is described in the following sections.

Cluster Operations

Provides a set of operations that are performed on the cluster as a whole:

The operation of each button is described in the table itself. Note that until an operation of setting all services to manual, automatic or stopped, there is no restore or clear saved state buttons. Before an operation is performed, the state of the services in the cluster is saved, which can later be re-applied back to the cluster using the restore button. Once service state is restored the saved state is cleared.

Additionsl VIP's

This panel allows you to add/remove and modifythe virtual hostnames in a cluster. First select a volume service from the drop down list to be presented with a list of virtual hostnames associated with the service similar to the screen shown below.

Each of the displayed fields in the table can be edited by simply clicking on the appropriate cell. To delete a virtual hostname from the cluster click the icon on the appropriate row.

To add a virtual hostname click the Add a new VIP button to bring up the following dialog:

Configuring a service with no virtual hostname required

The special case virtual hostname NONE exists so a service can be configured without the need for a virtual host name (for example when only fiber channel is being served out). To configure such a service, firstly add the NONE virtual host name to the service, then remove all other virtual hostnames so that just the single NONE entry remains, then save the settings.

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