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RSF-1 fails to start MySQL log shows mysqlmon Fetch_row failed:(0)

On MySQL Master-Master replication environment, RSF-1 fails to start MySQL and the following errors are in the RSF-1 log file:


[12824 Dec 24 12:13:49] [db2-mysqld rsfexec] Running S90mysqlmon start 1

[13037 Dec 24 12:13:49][mysqlmon] Starting preflight checks.

[13037 Dec 24 12:13:49][mysqlmon] Fetch_row failed:(0)

[13037 Dec 24 12:13:49][mysqlmon] Fetch_row failed:(0)

[13037 Dec 24 12:13:49][mysqlmon] Could not get an update from MySQL server, exiting...

[13022 Dec 24 12:13:49] [db2-mysqld Script_Undefined] Failing db2-mysqld as mysqlmon preflight checks failed; exit 5

[12824 Dec 24 12:13:49] [db2-mysqld rsfexec] *** S90mysqlmon failed BROKEN_SAFE! ***

[1334 Dec 24 12:13:50] Script child 12824 exited with code 4


This error occurs when the mysqld MySQL server is using a different socket port to that defined in the MySQLmon configuration file, meaning that the MySQLmon monitoring agent is not able to communicate with the running mysqld server.


By default, MySQL uses /etc/my.cnf for configuration information, but some versions of MySQL create a version in /usr/my.cnf which takes priority.


The remedy is to either remove the /usr/my.cnf or copy/link it to the version in /etc/my.cnf which is created or amended during the RSF-1 MySQLmon installation process.

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Last update: 2014-01-29 15:52
Author: Grenville WHelan
Revision: 1.0

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