Local Government

RSF-1 in Local Government


Recognising that local authorities now operate very much as businesses with the same attention to budget and efficiency targets had been a key factor in the success of RSf-1 in this area.

RSF-1 supports local authorities UK-wide to provide full server resilience across all major local government standard applications with support for all leading commercial databases.

RSF-1 also fully supports the Open Source initiative as promoted by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister allowing end user choice on 32 and 64 bit Intel/AMD/Optreron platforms and operating systems to now include most flavours of Linux or Solaris x86.

RSF-1 clusters typically supports a range of core applications, including benefits, payroll, council tax revenues and housing as well as the core business application such as web and mail to provide 24/7 availability for your infrastucture enabling you to meet the stringent service level agreements your customers have now come to expect.