Emergency Services

RSF-1 and Emergency Services


With the Home Office and Emergency Service standards calling for increased efficiency, paper based and other manual systems are no longer sufficient or acceptable. New business procedures and cross boundary operations, call for direct feeds of information and continuous processing.

Police, Fire, Ambulance and other “emergency like” services now operate very much a 24-hour a day business and just can’t afford for the underlying infrastructure ever to be unavailable to staff entering new information or accessing the existing data.

However, in a drive to “frontline” more resources across all services, IT and other back office departments are often not funded to be manned on a 24×7 basis. The ability of the software and systems therefore to have some form of automatic diagnosis of problems and automatic recovery from failure, is essential.

RSF-1 is designed to meet this need head on and has been successfully deployed across emergency services nationwide, from police constabularies to ambulance trusts where the ability to get a control centre database back up and running in minutes after a crash can mean saving lives.