High-Availability Company Overview

High-Availability develops, sells and supports RSF-1, the world’s firstĀ  High Availability / Cluster failover product that has been supporting critical Unix and Linux enterprise systems around the world since 1995.

The technology since its inception has been proven as an innovative, cost-effective solution that maximizes the availability of customers’ business IT and internet-facing functions. Although focused mainly in the Oracle Sun Solaris and Linux server markets, High-Availability’s technology is also available for most processors and Unix and Linux variants.

High-Availability has built an enviable niche reputation in the development of its high availability and disaster recovery solutions for the UNIX and Linux markets and its products compete effectively with all of its challengers.

In addition to licensing its software products, High-Availability offers a comprehensive suite of Professional Services to assist its customers and resellers with both pre-sales and post-sales application and technical requirements.

High-Availability also operates a 24×7 support organization to help ensure that its customer’s mission-critical applications and services continue to be highly available.

RSF-1 resides between the storage volume management and application layers typically found in:

  • Web servers
  • Application servers
  • Firewall servers
  • Database servers

providing support for most leading applications in those areas.

RSF-1′s forte is its “does exactly what it says on the tin” functionality which provides an uncomplicated, yet powerful, configuration and management framework enabling customers to deploy high availability solutions in a matter of hours, rather than days or weeks.

Through the use of optional monitoring agents for many popular databases, middleware products and end-user applications, RSF-1 is able to switch mission-critical applications and services from servers experiencing network, hardware, operating system or application failures, to alternative servers located in the appropriate cluster, thus minimizing downtime and impact to the customer’s operations.

By incorporating feature-rich command line and GUI interfaces, RSF-1 enables manual and automated failure recovery for up to 200 mission-critical applications and services within a 1 – 64 node cluster.

RSF-1 supports a number of processor architectures and most Unix and Linux Operating Systems and variants.

High-Availability are UK based and sell and support RSF-1 from the UK and via a network of resellers, system integrators and OEM partners.