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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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 CAuthObject that provides network functions for RSF
 CBackupObject that represents the backup servers for a service
 CClusterObject that represents an RSF cluster
 CErrLogClass used to log any errors that may occur within the API. Class should log on different levels of severity including (but not limited to): Info, Warning, Error, Critical,
 CExtraNetInfoAn instance of this class represents the extra network interface configuration information for a service
 CFlagsObject that represents the flags currently in effect on rsf
 CHBConfigObject that represents a configured heartbeat of a cluster
 CHeartbeatObject that represents a heartbeat in a cluster
 CInstancesObject that represents an instance of a service on the cluster
 CNodeObject that represents a node of a cluster
 CReleaseCreates an object to retrieve RSF version information from RSF
 CRestrictedAn instance of the Restricted enumeration class represents the restriction on a service instance
 CRSFClusterObject that represents an RSF cluster
 CRSFResponseObject that provides functions to convert rsf response codes to user readable strings
 CServicesObject that represents a service of a cluster
 CVerLicInfoObject that contains version and license information about RSF-1
 CWhichNodeObject that returns which node you are currently connected to
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