Configuration Database API  RSF v3.9.10
API/CLI to generate config files for RSF-1
How This API Document is Organised

API Structure

This is the current page containing information about the structure of the API and how to use this documentation effectively. Any key changes made to a new release of the API will be listed here.

Return Codes

Contains information on the possible return codes that can be returned by RSFCDB functions.


Provides a list of the possible RSFCDB return codes as well as documentation for an error string function. This function allows a human-readable representation of an RSFCDB return code to be obtained.

Database locking and debugging

Provides information on using RSFCDB database locking and how to enable the debug log to help diagnose problems.


The classes section is split into Class List, Class Index and Class Members.

Class List

The Class List contains a list of all the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions. From this list you can select a class to view its public member functions as well as details for each member function including:

  • Public Member Functions
  • Public Attributes
  • Member Function Documentation

Class Index

The Class Index contains an alphabetic list of all classes, interfaces, constructors, methods, and fields.

Class Members

Class Members provides a list of all the class members with links to the classes they belong to. These can be filtered into different categories


Displays all the class members regardless of their type.


Only displays class members that are functions.


Only displays class members that are variables.


Only displays class members that are enumerations.


Only displays enumerator class members.