1,000 RSF-1 HA Plugins for ZFS Open Storage Appliances delivered

Wilmslow, UK – February 27 2013 – High-Availability.Com today announced that it has shipped its 1,000th RSF-1 HA Plugin for ZFS Open Storage Appliances.

Since releasing it’s flagship High Availability Failover Cluster product, RSF-1 as an “HA Plugin” to the growing Open Storage market in 2009, High-Availability has now shipped it’s 1,000th deployment to a Cloud Service Provider customer in Denmark.

As well as providing seamless ZFS Pool Failover between storage controller nodes, the RSF-1 HA Plugin also manages iSCSI and Fibre Channel connections through an innovative highly available COMSTAR and ALUA interface.

Available on most Unix variants including Linux and FreeBSD, the RSF-1 HA Plugin for ZFS Open Storage has been deployed mostly on OpenSolaris, OpenIndiana, Solaris and illumos platforms across a wide range of hardware and storage subsystems and to customers across all industry platforms worldwide via a number of OEM partnerships around the world.

The most common deployments consist of 2-node Active-Active configurations on Supermicro SBB or similar storage systems with lots of built-in hardware redundancy. The RSF-1 HA Plugin for ZFS Open Storage can also scale-out beyond 2-node configurations into a variety of highly available topologies including the ability to provide distance geographical failovers.

High-Availability will soon be releasing a Stretch Cluster extension version of the RSF-1 HA Plugin that will add increased functionality to support metro cluster failover over long distances.